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nok seals, nok mechanical seals, nok distributor, nok suppliernok seals, nok mechanical seals, nok distributor, nok supplier, nok seal washers, nok o-rings.SC Series (NOK) (AC0610E2) - Standard Oil Seal - MISUMISeal Rim Area Material, Rubber (Has Metal Ring) ; Shaft Dia. d(Ø), 15 ; Attaching Method, From only the shaft end ; Two Liquids Separation, No ; Environment, 
Oil Seal | NOK-FREUDENBERG(CHINA)An oil seal is installed on a shaft to separate oil or fuel from harmful media such as air and dust. This mechanical component consists of a rubber-coated NOK - Oil SealsAn oil seal is a sealing device that prevents the leakage of engine oil from the bearing clearance between the rotating crankshaft and crankcase, or the bearing 222 pagesMechanical seals | Seal products | Products | NOK Mechanical seals are end-face seals that use a pair of faces perpendicular to the rotating shaft (sliding surfaces) to seal. The sealing faces, smoothly 

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
UP0450E NOK SEAL 1000 mm 1470 mm 530 mm 345 mm
AE7782E NOK OIL SEAL 850 mm 1120 mm 390 mm 272 mm
AE1313E NOK SEAL 1060 mm 1460 mm 500 mm 335 mm
CORTECO NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 560 mm 870 mm 330 mm 200 mm
BQ4463E NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 40.1 mm 59.9 mm 10.8 mm 26.9 kN
AP1260E NOK OIL SEAL 177.8 mm 339.999 mm 129.819 mm 190.5 mm
237014 NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 130 mm 210 mm 64 mm 2 mm
AH2057R NOK MECHANICAL SEAL s635-zen In Stock 0.20 KGS 5mm
394974 NOK OIL SEAL 71824cd/p4dgb-skf In Stock 0.55 KGS 120mm
AP2085A NOK OIL SEAL 240 mm 400 mm 128 mm 4 mm
TC12015014 NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 440 mm 720 mm 226 mm 6 mm
AP1260G NOK SEAL 420 mm 620 mm 238 mm 150 mm